Tofu dish in Ooyama


Tofu dish with plenty of clear water from Tanzawa mountains.

Tofu dish in Ooyama

Ooyama is 1252-meters high in the east of Tanzawa mountains registered as a National Park, which has rich nature, clear water and 八咫の鏡 (Yatano no kagami) in Afuri shrine on top of Ooyama mountain as is laid in Ise Shirine. People used to worship this mountain as an object of faith. Ooyama tofu, made with clear water from Tanzawa mountains, is widely served at the local hotels and restaurants. Often served in a course menu, it is not only made with clear water but also many elaborate touches are added in soy beans, so that people can enjoy the real taste and flavor of tofu.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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