Representing the beauty of momiji as it is. Delicacy with slight sweetness and a rich aroma.


A traditional confectionary from Minoo City, Osaka Prefecture. The origin of Momijino-tempura goes back to 1300 years ago when an Ennogyoja, who was practicing Buddhist asceticism in the training seminary in Mt. Minoo, cooked Momijino-tempura with canola oil to represent the beauty, and served them to travelers. The ingredients are Momiji, flour, sugar, sesame seed oil and canola oil. Momijino-tempura is made by salting Momiji for more than a year, then soaking the Momiji to remove salt, coating with batter and deep-frying. It is a very simple confectionary, but has slight sweetness and a rich aroma.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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