Attracted clipper! To enjoy Echizen GANI thoroughly, a pot is most.


One kind of crab which represents Japan for male snow crab interpreted as Echizen GANI in Hokuriku area. A snow crab and a name are changed at the San-in region. History is longest in Japan, and snow crab fishing in Echizen removed a ban on in winter every year becomes established in Fukui's food culture deeply. A cold current and a warm current are kyuushin which strikes, and a body is tight in Echizen GANI which grows up by the severe environment, and Oki of Fukui-ken has the thick flavor. Its thick taste doesn't choose the kind of soup stock, and the kind of pots is various. The sweetness which absorbs the flavor of the soup stock and is elegant than cooking a clogged white body in a pot closely stands out remarkably. Shime's porridge of rice and vegetables which is eaten without leaving an extract of crab over is gusto of paradise.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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