The hospitality dish stood at an inn and a cathedral


Because it's heaped on a vermilion-lacquered bowl with a lid called "pot bowl", I deal with the cooking which started to be called "pot boiling". "KUGOMI" and the called wild vegetable which begin to come into leaf in early spring are boiled, it's made insolation, it's preserved for pot boiling and it's used.

Recipi of cuisin

  • Dry kugomi100g
  • Carrot2-3
  • A taro potato10
  • Thin fried tofu2

[ Seasoning ]

  • Sugarsuitable
  • Soy saucesuitable
  • Liquorsuitable.
  • Sweet rice cooking winesuitable
  • Soup stock:suitable
  • Salad oila little

Information provided by : Etchu, Kingdom of the food.

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