Unagi Mabushi Don (bowl of rice covered with eel)


First, enjoy as it is. Last, pour hot tea on top! A bowl of eel and rice that can be enjoyed as two kinds

Unagi Mabushi Don (bowl of rice covered with eel)

Aichi prefecture is famous of its various local specialties such as tebasaki (chicken wing tip), miso cutlet, kishimen (flat strip noodles), and miso stewed udon noodles. One of the most famous is hitsumabushi, and unagi mabushi don is the domburi (rice served in a bowl with ingredients on top) version of this dish. The smoking hot rice is covered with bite-sized eel, mixed with plenty of special sauce. First try it with the seasonings that come together. Having it as aromatic “unacha (eel tea)” with soup stock poured over the domburi should be the way of finishing the bowl. Heavy and light, the dish can be enjoyed in various ways. It is a casual domburi to be enjoyed when one wishes to have eel with reasonable price.

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