A delicacy of Komatsu City, a dish of a whole crab.


"Kanikouraage" is a local dish of Ishikawa Prefecture, also known for the famous "Kano gani (crabs)" which was invented by a request "any unique dish for winter?" This is a delicacy of a deep-fried whole crab of its shell and filling in it, and the harmony of its savory aroma of the deep-fried shell and the juicy filling is very enjoyable. There are various kinds of dishes served at a restaurant in Komatsu City such as Kanikouraage with a filling of only crab meat, fluffy filling of crab meat with eggs, fillings cooked like gratin, or filling mixed with crab eggs of "Koubakogani (female snow crab)." This is a dish for the crab lovers from a land of crab.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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