Kunisaki Himedako Takomeshi


Variety abundance. The octopus menu of Kunisaki city

Kunisaki Himedako Takomeshi

Kunisaki peninsula shaped like a head of octopus. The common octopus caught in Kunisaki Peninsula Higashioki of an intense current "It's cut up in KU and a princess is held." is a specialty here. This octopus is tense, and a foot is short, it's the feature to have the flavor so that I bite. I also have octopus curry and octopus fried rice in localness in addition to an octopus feed and become popular from a tourist as well as a local person, too. The ingredients by which local vegetables are 20 kinds for octopus curry, 5-6 hours, I call and boil and I have boiled and have increased separately so that octopus doesn't become stiff. Red rice is used in rice at gentle Calais where it's mellow and has the good body wetly. You enjoy the curry which is compatible and is eaten only here at all.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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