Hita Yakisoba


Crispness and brisk harmony "Hita fried noodles"

Hita Yakisoba

The character by which it's "fried noodles" to shine on the menu of the store of Chinese noodles in Hita-shi. Though it's a store of Chinese noodles in the store, an iron plate is found! So the made menu is "Hita fried noodles". Commitment is baked directly, the condition". Noodles are seared with a high flame and it's completed by a source of each store secret until the surface becomes crisp by a thick iron plate. A great deal of sprouts and pork are thrown minutely, and the food texture a sprout made the noodles made PARI briskly plays a harmony. Even other restaurants in a store of Chinese noodles in the city are offered. "Hita workshop of fried noodles" then, when I'd like to partake of charm in Hita-shi through treasure in Hita and this menu you can say, PR activity is performed.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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