Omi Beef Shigureni


A fine and luxurious dish using branded beef. There are many ways of enjoying, and they are best for souvenirs too

Omi Beef Shigureni

This is a dish of Omi beef, a branded beef of Shiga prefecture, carefully simmered in soy sauce and sugar without any additives as a chunk of meat. The taste is luxurious. They can be enjoyed in many different ways such as on top of cooked rice, with red ginger to go with alcohol, rolling with lettuce, rolled sushi, chazuke, or with udon noodles… . Some are prepared with ginger or Japanese pepper. They last for long and can be kept as daily food. They can be very good souvenirs too. The name Omi beef can only be used for Japanese black cattle that were raised in Shiga prefecture for the longest amount of time.

Information provided by : gurutabi

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