Sushi filled with history in the hometown made with boiled beans and baking horse mackerel closely


It's transmitted to Takenaka, Oita-shi area, "Okatazushi". A person (village headman) behaved himself in "He exerted himself, oh." and farmer's people in "hell enter" in the front he enters in a busy season for farmers the past. The topping is simple, only for boiled beans and baking horse mackerel, the shape is a straw bag-shaped. Horse mackerel is broiled carefully by a clay portable cooking stove and pinto beans are soaked in a night water, and it's stewed carefully so as not to be crumbled if it's brought to boil by a high flame. Treat in the time when I was strenuous to live, was strong in a life and food, tied up, cooperated with the family and people in neighborhood and lived. History in a clogged hometown can be tasted much closely.

Information provided by : Gurutabi


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