Sobagome zosui


Soba porridge that ochiudo cooked in the New Year recalling their home town

Sobagome zosui

Sobagome is boiled-and-dried soba seends, and using sobagome without processing is a unique way of cooking in Tokushima Prefecture. Since Iya area is not suitable for cultivating rice, farmers have reclaimed the forests and started cultivating soba which does not require much time to grow. According to the oral tradition, sbagome zosui was what ochiudo of Heike who lost Genpeinogassen and escaped to Iya area cooked for the New Year recalling their home town. It has been spread to all over Tokushima Prefecture as its traditional local cuisine.

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

  • sobagome120g
  • chicken thighs100g
  • sake1 tablespoon
  • chikuwa1
  • carrots1/4
  • dried shiitake mushrooms2
  • connyaku1/3
  • green onions2
  • water4 cups
  • niboshi12
  • usukuchishoyu3 tablespoon
  • mirin1/2 tablespoon
Put niboshi in a dashi bag, and soak it in water over night.
Wash sobabome, put in a pot with 8 times as much water as niboshi and boil for 15 minutes, rinse in water and drain. Soak dried shiitake mushrooms in water and dehydrate them.
Put niboshi and shiitake together with the water in a pot, heat it until boiling, simmer for 2-3 minuts and remove niboshi and shiitake.
Remove the skin from the chicken, cut into 1cm pieces, and rub in sake. Cut carrots into quarter slices (ichogiri), slice shiitake, slice chikuwa into halves in length, and chop green onions. Slice konnyaku into 2cm thick, rub in salt and wash.
Put chicken, carrots, konnyaku and shiitake into the dashi pot and simmer.
Flavor with shoyu, add boiled sobagome and garnish with green onions.
(Garnishing with a slice of sudachi of chopped peels of yuzu gives more flavor to it.)

Information provided by : Tokushima’s Traditional Local Cuisines

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