Izumi Oyako Steak Gohan


A rice dish of very fresh chicken and eggs born in "a city of chicken" in February 2011!

Izumi Oyako Steak Gohan

Izumi City in Kagoshima Prefecture is one of the few big producers of chicken and eggs. Izumi city known as "a city of chicken" tried to promote itself nationwide by inventing a new local delicacy, and "Izumi Oyako Steak Gohan" is born in February 26th 2011! This is a rice dish of fresh chicken and eggs. You can grill very fresh chicken which can be eaten row on an iron griddle by yourself as you prefer, and put chicken and row eggs on rice. This is a dish you can only eat in a city where fresh chickens are available. It is served at restaurants within Izumi city, and each restaurant serves its uniquely arranged Izumi Oyako Steak Ghan. This dish has been becoming popular as it is a "fresh" dish you can enjoy only at the local restaurants.

Information provided by : gurutabi

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