Clam (Soup) Pot


Clams from Tokyo Bay are good for pot! Clam soup is so nourishing

Clam (Soup) Pot

Tokyo Bay is known for clamming. Haneda is the only place in Tokyo, but it is still very flourishing in many places in Chiba, Tokyo's neighboring prefecture/state. The best season is from winter to spring before spawning.
Clams are nourishing itself and rich in vitamins, taurine - which helps blood flow smoothly- and iron. Clam pot is recommended to enjoy those nutritions. After removing shell sand, put water and clams in a pot and cook. Scoop up floating theアク(harshness/scum) on a surface. Add salt and soy sauce as you like and cook it with Enoki mushroom, Tofu and セリ(Japanese parsley) till they are boiled.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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