Soba Croquette


This B class gourmet with Japanese stock was born from Kitamamoto’s effort to produce products locally sourced and can be locally consumed.

Soba Croquette

Kitamoto city started to grow Hitachi Aki Soba (Hitachi autumn soba) and developed themselves as a one of the best producer of Soba in Saitama prefecture. Soba Croquette uses the soba grown this region. This dish was developed as a part of local revitalization project focused on the concept around locally sourced and locally consumed. Japanese stock is added to Boiled Soba and fried with fresh bread crumb. Though Soba has been in Japanese cuisine for long time, no one has ever thought to make it into croquettes. This new invention has got into the news and gained special notice in various events. The secret of this attention is the flavor created with Japanese stock and firm texture of Soba.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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