Shiroebi Kakiagedon


A local delicacy with a crunchy texture and delicate sweetness.

Shiroebi Kakiagedon

"Shiroebi" is a rare species which inhabits in the depth of 300 to 600m, and can be caught only in Toyama Bay in Japan. Toyama Bay is the only place in the world that can catch plenty of Shiroebi to make enough profits, so Shiroebi is a very valuable foodstaff worldwide. Shiroebi is about 6cm in body length, and it is also known as "a jewel of Toyama Bay" due to the transparent color of light pink in appearance. By cooking it as kakiage, the springy texture changes to crunchy texture. This Kakiagedon is made in a great harmony of crunchy Shiroebi Kakiage, the sauce that emphasizes the delicate sweetness of the kakiage, and warm rice.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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