Moridashi wanko soba


Delicacy of Iwate, popular soba noodles you can enjoy at your own pace

Moridashi wanko soba

Wanko soba is one of the three major noodles of Morioka along with “reimen” and “jajamen.” “Wanko” means “bowl” in Iwate dialect, and the famous “wanko soba” is the one somebody keeps serving soba into your bowl as soon as you finish one. However, this “Moridashishiki wanko soba” from Hiraizumi is a different style of wanko soba called “moridashi shiki”, which you serve refills by yourself and put many kinds of condiments as you prefer. There is a variety of condiments such as tuna and yamakake, namekooroshi, bonito flakes, negi and so on, so you can enjoy many different mixtures of the condiments as you prefer with every serving.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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