Soka Komatuna Senbei Jiru


New local cuisine after the Soka Senbei (rice cracker). Okoge Senbei Zoni

Soka Komatuna Senbei Jiru

Soka city is known for its “Soka Senbei(rice cracker)” and recently developed a new cuisine called “Soka Komatuna Senbei”. This is created by the local Senbei producer and the Komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach) producer combining Soka’s signature food “Senbei (rice cracker)” and “Komatsuna”. The Senbei progucer has shared their secret recipe of Senbei dipping sauce and arranged to make a soup for this dish. Komatsuna is kneaded in Senbei dough and made into Okoge (burnt rice) which then cooked in the special soup in Zoni style. This is out of box thinking of normal Senbei industry and creating sensations around. This is a must try.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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