Kajiya (Blacismith) Ramen


Ramen specially made for blacksmiths to blow off the summer heat

Kajiya (Blacismith) Ramen

Miki City, located in the northern part of Kobe City, is one of the biggest iron producers in Japan, and Miki City used to be referred as a city of iron, and there used to be many Blacksmiths lined up on the streets. Kajiya ramen is a cuisine which was originally made for Blacksmiths to be fit to blow off the summer heat. Eggplants that cool down the body temperature and "Akashi Tako (octopus)" that is rich in taurine are used in the ramen. The ramen comes in an iron bowl of Blacksmith made to keep the soup hot, and the noodles are uniquely thick so it will keep the noodles chewy for long. Some of the ramen shops serve the ramen with lots of nori with on top.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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