Chirimen sansyo


This flavor is best with PIRIRI and Japanese pepper which smells.

Chirimen sansyo

The fruit of fact Japanese pepper was made tsukudani by silk crepe with crepy Japanese pepper, it's one to which you're shouting BANZAI and is also very popular as a capital gift. There were few chances to eat fish for draft beer in Kyoto, and I took tsukudani with salt, fermented soybean paste and soy sauce, etc., and there was a custom I make preserve. It's gathered much in Kyoto in the basin where Japanese pepper was circled by the mountains actually on the one hand, and the one boiled up with the fact shuffle, soy sauce and liquor with silk crepe of a fry is enjoying a dining table in a capital as the ingredients matched, and it's said to be the origin of the crepy Japanese pepper. It's possible to be different in the seasoning depending on stores and buy a gift shop in the city and a restaurant by various places.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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