Shio Yakisoba


One of the staple soul foods of people in Komatsu City, "Shio (salt) yakisoba"

Shio Yakisoba

"Shio Yakisoba, a local delicacy of Komatsu City" born with an idea of the fried noodles "chamen" from China 60 years ago. It is made with lots of local vegetables such as crispy moyashi, negi, and carrots with thick noodles developed jointly with a noodle making factory "Nakaishi Foods." It is seasoned simply with salt, thus has a very rich flavor of each ingredient with a savory aroma. Some people established a group called "Association of Shioyakisoba Lovers" and they have been promoting the dish nationwide by visiting various cities by a caravan or visiting the stricken areas for serving food.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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