A food made with tochi which has been eaten since the Jomon Period.


A confectionary made in the old days in the mountain area where rice was hardly cultivated. This is mochi made by steaming mochi rice and Tochi berries together after the harshness of tochi berries is removed, and pounding them into mochi. Since Tochi berries are harsh to the taste, it is difficult to handle for the beginners, but its flavor is very rich and delicate.

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

  • mochi rice1800 cc
  • Tochi berries (peeled and the harshness is removed)650g
  • Azuki anas needed
Soak dried tochi berries over night.
Boil 1, remove from the heat right before boiling, and remove the peels in lukewarm water. Tools such as an eyeleteer and a hummer can be used.
Soak the berries in running water for one week.
Simmer the berries in plenty of hot water, remove from the heat, add the same amount of wood ash as the berries, and leave it over night.
Wash the berries thoroughly, remove the inner skin if any, and steam them with mochi rice.
Pound the steamed rice and berries. Shape it into noshimochi, or stuff it with an and roll into a ball.

Information provided by : 越中とやま 食の王国

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