Cha Soba


The rich fragrance of green tea spreads in your mouth after the smooth texture

Cha Soba

This is a kind of noodles original of Uji, a place famous for its tea, made only with soba (buckwheat) powder (sarashina powder), flour, Uji matcha (green tea), and a little bit of salt. Special care is given not only in selecting the best matcha but also in the mixing ratio of soba powder and flour, and the manufacturing procedure of dried noodles also. The tea noodles with no additives and no artificial coloring or fragrance added are all different in each soba restaurant. The first bite should be tried without dipping it into soba sauce, in order to enjoy the fragrance of green tea. After enjoying the smooth texture, you will smell the fragrance of green tea.

Information provided by : gurutabi

Regional fast food