Sendai Naganasu Zuke


Elegant taste of the pickled eggplants – addictive side dish for the table

Sendai Naganasu Zuke

Sendai Nasu eggplant has been raised in the area for over 400 hundred years since the era of the Date Domain. It is an early variety of small eggplants that grows well in the climate of the Tohoku region. Also known as Shikon Naga Nasu (bluish purple, long eggplant), the plant has a thin, healthy, bright coloured skin, which is rich in polyphenols and is perfect for making pickles. Locally-grown, long and thin eggplants are pickled with salt and soy sauce to be served as Sendai Naganasu Zuke. Its soft and elegant taste goes perfectly well with a bowl of freshly-cooked rice, or as nibbles, and snacks for Japanese tea.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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