Nishimonai Soba


Rich flavour of Funori seaweed captured in Soba noodle, served cold throughout the year

Nishimonai Soba

Nishimonai Soba is a buckwheat noodle and soup dish native to Nishimonai area in Ugo Town, Ogachi District, Akita Prefecture. Funori seaweed is mixed with buckwheat flour to hand-knead it into dough, adding the noodle a pleasing flavour and distinctive chewy texture. The wisdom of living can be found in the noodle: it is quick to eat, yet highly nutritious because of the added Funori, allowing busy locals, many of whom engage in agriculture, to have a sufficient meal during work. Ugo Town is famous for the Nishimonai Bon Odori, an annual summer dance festival to pay respect to the deceased and pray for a good harvest. Akita locals and tourists often visit the town for the dance and the special noodle – they can pick a Nishimonai Soba restaurant out of many in the area.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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