Lightly Pickled Manzen Kabura


Turnip that has been a popular vegetable of Japan since old times

Lightly Pickled Manzen Kabura

Manzen kabura (turnip) has a unique shape, and its neck has a red-purple color. This is a turnip that has inherited the shape of the original ancient turnip. Manzen kabura is also called “okane kabura”. During the Kyoho period there was a woman named “Okane” in Misaku city (former Sakutocho Manzen). The pickled manzen kabura was offered to the local magistrate (current Kaita, Misaku city) and he liked the bright cherry blossom color and flavor so much that compliments and a vermilion-lacquered sake cup was given. Since then, manzen kabura has been passed on as a local delicacy.

Information provided by : okayamakenkyodobunkazaidan「okayamanoazi」


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