Kagawa’s Food Culture Derived from Soy Sauce

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chapter 2「Two representative of Kagawa’s food cultures within one bowl」


Not only in Shodoshima Island, but also soy sauce breweries exist in Takamatsu, Sakaide, and Higashikagawa cities. One of them is located in Higashikagawa city, Kamebishi, running an udon noodle restaurant called Kamebishi-ya in order for people to know the taste of soy sauce. Kamebishi-ya offers two udon-noodle menus, soy-sauce udon noodles served directly topped with soy sauce instead of dashi broth, and Moromi udon noodle which is the Kamebishi-ya’s original menu. “We’d like you to give our soy-sauce udon noodles a try first. This menu offers you a simple way of tasting udon noodles. You’ll be sure of how much good soy sauce can make udon noodles so delicious,” Kazuya Hirose, a restaurant staff member, said with confidence. Soy-sauce udon noodle achieves a harmony derived from two representative Kagawa’s food cultures within one udon noodle bowl. Moromi udon noodle, topped with unrefined moromi soy sauce, has no unpleasant saltiness in contrast with its appearance, but has a rich aroma which stimulates your appetite.


Soy-sauce udon noodles topped directly with soy sauce


Moromi udon noodles topped with unrefined moromi soy sauce


A staff member of Kamebishi-ya, Kazuya Hirose, saying that good soy sauce makes udon noodles more delicious

Kamebishi is a well-established soy sauce brewery founded 260 years ago owned by the 18th proprietor. The Kamebishi brewery farm is located within the historical old buildings in Higashikagawa City, while part of the buildings is designated as a registered tangible folk cultural property. Kamebishi is the one-of-a-kind soy sauce brewery which preserves the traditional production method, sticking to the mushiro koji process by which rice malt which is fermented on mattings. Soy sauce stored in cypress barrels are brewed over long time, 2 and 3 years. Some of them have even been brewed more than 30 years. Kamebishi’s soy sauce with its taste has been brought out over time and has gained favor from professional chefs. Even chefs from restaurants recognized by Micheline with stars given in Italy or France order Kamebishi’s soy sauce. On the other hand, Kamebishi puts effort into developing new products. Such new products include freeze-dried soy sauce, soy salt, and chocolate containing soy sauce, called “soy chocola.” Along with soy sauce produced the traditional way and soy sauce broth, these products are very popular as souvenirs.




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