TRAVELOGUE    Miyazaki

The temperate climate of southern Japan is home to a treasure trove of ingredients

  • text : Rie Tanaka
  • photo : Nobuya Motoi
  • edit : Seiji Takeuchi (nano. associates)

chapter 5 “Miyazaki’s wide array of produce that prevented death by famine”

We spoke with vice headmaster of the Miyazaki Prefectural Industrial High School, Mr. Kosho Wakayama who is a local historian too, about the wide variety of food cultures that can be found within this one prefecture. He explains “I think it’s because Miyazaki is so long from north to south. Of course credit should be given to the generations of farmers who cultivated the land, but when you look at historical documents of our region, there were incidents of famine due to bad harvest, but hardly any deaths due to famine or malnutrition. I think this tells us that this landscape always provides us with something to get us through the hard times.”



Mr. Wakayama, vice principal of Miyazaki-Kogyo-Kotogakko.
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