Tojiko beans (Tochiko beans)


A local protein-packed sweet!

Tojiko beans (Tochiko beans)

The dish is made by enveloping soy beans and other kinds of beans in a sweet flour based batter. It keeps well and is almost always served at local celebrations. It used to be made with grilled soy beans, however more recently peanuts are favored for their smoother texture. The flour base includes ginger and yuzu citrus, and brown sugar can be substituted for plain white sugar too.

Recipi of cuisin

for 30 persons

  • Flour1kg
  • Sugar700g
  • Peanuts150g
  • Saltsmall amount
  • Oilsmall amount
If using raw peanuts, grill in a pan first.
Add flour, sugar, peanuts and salt to a bowl and add warm water and mix.
Place oil in frying pan and fry 2 wihtout burning. When the batter becomes translucent, take off the heat.
Cut to about 4cm size portions and wrap and cool.
Once cool and the shape has been made, cut to 1cm thick pieces.

Information provided by : Kumamoto prefecture village building association


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