Whole sweetfish sushi


The main fish of the Kumagawa river, served whole as sushi!

Whole sweetfish sushi

The sweetfish must be cured in vinegar properly to make this dish a success. Dishes using sweetfish caught in the clear currents of Kumagawa river are a must at any celebration.

Recipi of cuisin

for 10 persons

  • Ayu10
  • Salt
  • Rice water
  • Kakinoha

[ Sweet vinegar ]

  • Sugar70g
  • Saketablespoon 2
  • Vinegartablespoon 2
  • Watertablespoon 1

[ すし飯 ]

  • 2.5カップ
  • 2.5カップ弱
  • 小さじ1
  • 砂糖50g
  • 大さじ1
Ayu is opened from the ventral side, it takes to clean the middle bone and belly bones, put a week from 4 to 5 sprinkled a generous amount of salt.
Pull out the salty pickled and persimmon leaves of the US of fairy juice 2 hours "1". 1 hour dipped in sweet and sour and washable.
Mix boiled rice with salt. After a while, mix The combined vinegar and sugar too.
Wipe off the moisture of the ayu, pack the sushi rice.

Information provided by : 熊本県 農林水産部 むらづくり課


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