Brackens preserved in soy sauce


A taste of spring loved from old times

Brackens preserved in soy sauce

Brackens are referred to in Manyoshu as ‘sawarabi’, a word to describe spring. They can be enjoyed throughout the year by preserving them in soy sauce.

Recipi of cuisin

  • brackens10kg
  • salt2kg
  • soy saucelittle
  • tofu refuse500g
Make bundles with handful of brackens. Tie each bundles with elastic bands.
Place brackens in a row in a container and place cover with salt. Place brackens again and cover with salt. Repeat the procedure.
Place a weight stone on top, and redo the procedure 2. again when water comes out.
Mix the tofu refuse and salt. Place the brackens in it and mix together. Put it in a container, place a light weight stone and cover.
◎Salting the brackens allows the harshness to disappear. Hence there is no need to remove harshness.
Desalt the brackens by placing them in water for approximately 2 hours prior to eating them.
Pour soy sauce on top while still some salt remains and leave for around 30 minutes.

Information provided by : Aichi lore cuisine collection


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