Unnan no Yakisaba


Enjoying seafood in the mountain area. Why did it become so popular?

Unnan no Yakisaba

A specialty of Unnan area in Shimane Prefecture is "Yaki saba (grilled mackerel)" though Unnan is in the mountain area near by Chugoku Mountains. Yakisaba became a delicacy of Unnan because Unnan was the farthest area where fresh saba could be transported to, then saba was grilled in Unnan to be transported further up in to the mountains. Sabayaki in this area is very unique that the whole saba is skewered and grilled. Saba is opened up from the back so the thick flesh is cooked thoroughly, and is grilled over high heat quickly so the rich flavor stays. Soft flesh and grilled skin are in the perfect harmony, and the flakes are also suitable for chirashizushi or ochaduke.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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