A name in Okinawa, the Oita specialty which put on a crown. The roots is a fisherman dish of Okinawa.


Ryukyu where Oita is a speciality while having a common name in Okinawa. Fresh fish such as the yellowtail, the mackerel and the horse mackerel which can be passed in Oita is soaked in pickling soy sauce and ginger entered. The one on which rice put those with perilla and white sesame is called Ryukyu bowl. Tea is hung, and it's said that there is also how to eat by which I'll take boiled rice with tea. There are various views for the history of the name, but because a fisherman in Oita asked a fisherman in Okinawa how to make, and it was brought home, it's said that the name was put. You settle as a speciality in Oita completely by now and are enjoying as the dish which can taste local seafoods.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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