Kirikabu Abe (Fried stump)


Sweet potato tempura, shaping like a Keyaki log

Kirikabu Abe (Fried stump)

Sweet potato from Kamitome region in Kawagoe city is called “Komino Kawagoe Imo” and this is one of the specialty of the city. “Kirikabu Age” is a tempura of this sweet potato with a original batter coating. It is named after the tree stump of Keyaki ( Japanese tree of the genus Zelkova) because of the similar looks. This dish has the sweetness and texture of the potato and is loved by local as a dish been served in ceremonial occasions. Now days, this traditional dish is being used as a dish to revitalize the region and has been entered in many B class gourmet in Japan, gaining the popularity nationwide.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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