Akayu Karamiro Ramen


Miso ramen with spicy kick of garlic and chili

Akayu Karamiro Ramen

Hearing the words miso ramen, most people would probably think of Sapporo. It is not only in Sapporo, however, that the custom of eating miso ramen has become common among the locals. In Akayu area in inland Yamagata, karamiso spicy miso ramen was first served in 1960 at a restaurant named Ryu-Shanghai. The restaurant owner was inspired by his family having a bowl of leftover ramen soup mixed with miso paste. Improvements were made until the simple miso paste was turned into a spicy mix of miso, garlic and chili. Now the spicy ‘ball’ is topped on the ramen so that customers can adjust the spiciness to their own taste.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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