Shoga Miso Oden


Hot oden that warms your body inside out

Shoga Miso Oden

Oden is a traditional Japanese dish, with various ingredients such as fishcakes, eggs, and vegetables are simmered in a light soup seasoned with soy sauce. It is a favourite winter food across the country, and each region has their own ingredients, soup varieties, and dipping sauces. In Aomori City, people have commonly eaten oden topped with miso-based sauce with grated ginger. It is said that this type oden was first served in a food stand at the black market around Aomori Station after the second world war. People waiting to get onboard of a ship going to Hokkaido stopped by at the food stand, and the lady who ran the place added grated ginger in oden to warm the customers before their trip during the bitterly cold winter.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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