A class B Gurume of a cross between Japanese and Western, yakisoba with Bolognese sauce served with a folk.


"Italian" is a class B Gurume dish from Niigata Prefecture, yakisoba with Bolognese sauce. It is known that this dish was born in 1959 by a restaurant "Mikaduki" which has 26 stores within and around Niigata City. The master of Mikaduki suddenly came up with the idea of a western style yakisoba with Bolognese sauce eaten with a folk when he saw yakisoba at a kanmidokoro (cafe) in Kyobashi, Tokyo on the way back from Hakone. Apart from Mikaduki, there is another restaurant "Friend" in Nagaoka City which serves Italian as well. Friend has 10 stores in Nagaoka City, and the Italian at the restaurants is served with chopsticks.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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