The stamina dish full of rustic beauty which gave Tsutomu who fights to a priest


The specialty pot transmitted to Yunoyama hot spring in Mie-ken. A temple and Mitake temple of the Tendai Buddhist Denomination located in the center of the Yunoyama hot spring resist an invasion and drive a name as the temple where a priest fought. An eaten dish is called a first for the priest who fights to improve his ability for an armed monk pot. The old days were the dish which made the meat to which the wild boar, the venison and the mountain bird can be passed at a mountain the center. Vegetables as well as pork, chicken and wild boar meat are boiled in soup stock of a pork bone base by present and it's completed by fermented soybean paste. The wild taste filled with the flavor of the meat is echoed at Yunokawa hot spring all part as the this place menu which can be enjoyed.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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