Rediscovery of "soba"! A food that is very easy to digest, and also makes a good dish for sake.


A dish made with soba flour, but they are not eaten as soba noodles. "Sobagaki" is made by adding water or hot water to soba flour and mix well with chopsticks until it gets sticky and becomes a clump. Sobagaki is torn into small pieces by chopsticks and dipped in sobatuyu or shoyu when eaten. "Hayasoba" from Sakaemura in Shinshuyamanouchicho and "Sobagaki shiruko" from the areas of Matsumoto City in Nagano Prefecture are famous dishes of sobagaki. There are two different ways of making sobagaki - one is called "wangaki" that is made in a bowl (wan) so soba flour and hot water are mixed in a bowl, while "nabegaki" is made in a pot by mixing soba flour and water in a pot over heat. Sobagaki has been recognized again as a healthy food.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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