Warabi Chazuke


A very delicious dish with “Yakinonigiri (grilled rice ball) and soup made with dried bonito”.

Warabi Chazuke

“Warabi Chazuke” is a new local specialty which steamy “Katsuodashi (dried bonito broth) is poured over Onigiri (rice ball) grilled with soy sauce. You can also add “Jako Sanshoni (gabion cooked with Japanese pepper) or “Yuba no Kinpira (Tofu skin cooked in sugar and soy sauce) as a topping. When Warabi city was flourished as a place to stay on the Nakasendo (Edo era's Edo-Kyoto highway), Chazuke (tea poured over the rice) was served in this region according to the old text. This is the origin of this new dish. They have chosen different chinese characters to describe this dish. Chinese characters for the dish was taken from the name of local shrine, instead of just using chinese characters of the city name “Warabi”, with the hope of bringing luck.

Information provided by : Gurutabi


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