Junsai Hot Pot


Secret behind the female beauty of Akita? Healthy, slow food rich in fibre

Junsai Hot Pot

Junsai is a kind of waterweed found in ponds with good water quality. Although the plant has long been eaten, it now only grows in limited regions because of changes in the surrounding environment. With abundant, pure water from the world heritage Shirakami mountain range, Moritake area in Mitane Town, Akita Prefecture boasts the largest crop of the plant, and has become known as the “town of Junsai”. During the harvest time around May and June, each young bud of Junsai is carefully hand-picked by harvesters on small boats. Covered with clear, gelatinous coating which contains a good amount of fibre, Junsai gives a fine, springy texture. It makes an excellent hot pot with local food varieties – Hinai Jidori, a breed of chicken native to Akita, is one of the best combinations for the pot.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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