Handama Sumisoae


Health food for blood

Handama Sumisoae

It is called Handama in Okinawa and is called Kinji-sou in other prefecture such as Ishikawa. Handama is a asteraceae perennial plant and has been eaten in Ohitashi and miso soup in Okinawa traditionally. When it heated, the texture becomes slimy and you can enjoy this peculiar texture. Handama is called “medicine for the blood” and good for the sickness such as anemia.

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

  • Handama (leaves)120g
  • Onion40g
  • Sugar2 tea spoons (8g)
  • Mirin2/3 tea spoons (4g)
  • Vinegar2 tea spoons (8g)
  • White miso1&1/3 tea spoons (8g)
1. Slice the onion. Boil water in the pot, boil Handama and onion. Cool Handama and onion in cold water. Drain water.
2. Mix Mirin, vinegar, sugar and white miso and let it melt.
Serve boiled Handama and onion and pour vinegar miso sauce on the top.

Information provided by : 沖縄県 農林水産部流通・加工推進課

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