Hamo Namban udon


A udon noodle dish with a luxury ingredient, natural hamo (conger pike) cooked in Namban zuke

Hamo Namban udon

Shibushiwan bay in Kagoshima Prefecture is known as one of the few biggest producers of hamo in Japan. Since most of the hamo caught there was not locally consumed but shipped to the Kansai area before, some of the local people organized a group called "Hamo promotion unit" with a slogan "Let's eat more hamo." Hamo namban udon is one of the dishes invented at that time. This is a udon noodle dish topped with "Hamo namban" which is deep-fried natural hamo from Shibushiwan bay marinated in sweet vinegar together with vegetables like carrots. This is a very novel udon dish with the sourness of sweet vinegar as an accent, thus it has a refreshing taste. Bones of hamo is cut through so you can enjoy the unique texture of hamo to the full without worries.

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