Awano hamo bijindon


A dish to enjoy by the sight and taste. Hamo from the sea of Awa, made to resemble amigasa (straw hat).

Awano hamo bijindon

Hamo is known as an expensive delicacy, and Tokushima Pefecture is one of the large producers of hamo in Japan. Hamo is known as ferocious as it bites when caught, however, the flavor is very delicate and hamo is often used in Kyoryori (cuisines from Kyoto). Bijindon is topped with crunchy deep-fried hamo, and served with umeoroshi sauce. The sour flavor of the sauce is refreshing and enhance your appetite. The appearance of the don is made to resemble amigasa since Tokushima is famous for Awaodori. Bijindon is a donburi that you enjoy by the appearance and the taste.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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