Toyama Jingisu


A food culture, Jingisukan, born from a culture of breeding sheep.

Toyama Jingisu

A culture of breeding sheep flourished in Toyamagou due to the characteristics of the region surrounded by mountains, and the village had 150 sheep at its peak. Thus, Nagano Prefecture is known as the second biggest kingdom of the Jingisukan cuisine after Hokkaido, and Minamishinshu area (Iida and Shimoina areas) has the most barbeque restaurants per 10,000 people in Japan. There are also other food cultures of eating horses meat, wild boars, dears and bears other than mutton, beef, pork and chicken because of the location surrounded by mountains. "Toyama jingisukan" is a dish of various meats eating with a special miso sauce made in Toyama.

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