Koshigaya Kamonegi Nabe


Nabe with duck and leek which is a specialty of Koshigaya area and is the typical dish for the cold winter

Koshigaya Kamonegi Nabe

Koshigaya Kamonegi Nabe (Koshigaya duck and leek hot pot) was developed by young business people in Koshigaya city as a part of revitalization project. This Nabe was created utilizing leek which is a local specialty of this city and duck because Koshigawa has the Saitama Duck farm which is a purveyors to the Imperial Household Agency. Koshigaya Komonegi Nabe gift set, which includes not only duck and leeks, but also log-grown shiitake mushrooms and organic rice grown with duck farming method are also sold. This Nabe is served in various restaurants in Koshigaya as a winter special menu, and loved by many locals and tourists.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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