Kaettekita Carina


A dish of nostalgia for the people of Niigata of their 30s to 50s, a dish that the young does not know.

Kaettekita Carina

A revived dish of a popular dish "Carina" by a chain restaurant "Ramen Takano" which had 53 stores within and outside Niigata Prefecture between 1960s and 1990s. Carina is a yakisoba dish with curry flavored Bolognese sauce and benishouga as a condiment, and its novelty made the dish very popular at that time, however, Carina was discontinued when Ramen Takano was closed up its business. A group of people from "Makitaiguruma Shotengai (shopping district)" in Nishikan-ku Maki-chiku organized "Committee for Production of Carina" and Carina was revived in April 2011 after 16 years' absence in cooperation with Takano Foods that operated Ramen Takano.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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