Kurume city Ramen


Renowned ramen shop, ‘Nanjing Senryo’ caused a storm with the popularity of it’s pork bone soup ramen

Kurume city Ramen

‘Najing Senryo’ opened it’s doors for business in 1937. The first ramen restaurant in Kurume city, the cloudy and rich pork bone soup that they developed is said to be the of it’s kind for the whole of the Kyushu region. Kurume city was home to military facilities and universities at the time, so word of ‘Najing Senryo’ spread far and wide very quickly. Fast forward 10 years, and another ramen restaurant called ‘Sanmaru’ developed an even cloudier pork bone soup (the result of a mistake when cooking no less). Master Sugino opened another restaurant called ‘Rairaiken’ later in Kokura city, and he educated many disciples since.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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