Ontamaran don


A very tasty don with runny boiled eggs which are steamed in sand.

Ontamaran don

A local don from Isubsuki city in Kagoshima Prefecture known for steamed sand onsen. The name "ontamaran don" came from the combination of words "onsentamago" which is put on the don, and "oishikute tamaran (so tasty)." As its name refers, onsentamago is the most important ingredient of the don, and they are boiled with the hot spring water of sand steamed onsen. Eggs used for the don are called "Satsumaimo tamago (egg)" which are produced in a chicken farm in the city, and are very rich in nutrition. One of the rules for the don is to use locally produced ingredients, and there are various kinds of dons such as Kurobuta (Black Berkshire) pork, Wagyu beef, eels, okura and fresh seafood, and they are served in 19 restaurants in the city. Enjoy the special don from Ishibuki with carefully selected ingredients and onsentamago.

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