Kitakami Croquette


Crispy delight full of local ingredients

Kitakami Croquette

A group of chefs in Kitakami City put their ideas together for a new cuisine, and created Kitakami Croquette, using plenty of local vegetables – rich and creamy Japanese taro, kuroge wagyu (Japanese Black) beef raised in the lush nature of Iwate, Shirayuri pork (local breed) rich in vitamin B1 and minerals, and tender green asparagus, which Kitakami boasts the largest crop of in the prefecture. Other than using these four ingredients, the recipe is open to variations, and new ones are being developed at many restaurants in the city. A group “Kitakami Croquette Norenkai” was also recently launched to further promote the dish and revitalise the city with the crispy Kitakami Croquette.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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