The faint bitterness and astringency! Luxurious fish guts pickled in salt using internal organs of fresh sweetfish


The luxurious delicacy which was also corned by a traditional technique made from the cleanest water and the sweetfish which was brought up in Banjo-gawa commented on at Kyushu "Is it sold?" When I say that only the internal organs for which Shirako who used a body and internal organs "Did it sell itself?" was used "Was a child betrayed?" were used "But whether it was sold," there were 3 kinds, was it sold locally?", "But is it sold?", when the gastrointestinal digestion is helped, it has been valued highly from the old days as a historical origin and a clipper. In hot rice, it's taken on, OK, in a relish taken with sake, it's done, the faint bitterness and astringency give up and are intolerable one.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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